Buy & Ship

With our Buy & Ship option, we make it easy for you to shop from your favorite US or UK Store by eliminating the hassle that comes with it, right from making the order online, making payments and following up on your purchase with the merchant.

We let you take a back seat as we do everything for you.

Here’s a step by step guide on how we make it happen!

1. Request for a quote

Fill in our BuyForMe form or send us the link (s) of the items that you would like to buy to from any U.S or U.K retailer e.g

2. Approve the quote

We will prepare for you a full quote with the estimate purchase and shipping costs within 24 hours. 

3. Pay for the quote

Once you approve the quote, we will send you an invoice to pay  for your purchase cost securely via MPESA Till Number (Buy Goods and Services) – 207 348

4. We make your order

After payment, we will send you an e-receipt and proceed to make your order within 24 – 48 hours as per your specifications. 

5. We deliver your order

On receiving your order at our US or UK warehouse, we will notify you via email and send a photo of your package. At this point, your package will be prepared for shipping to Kenya and you can expect it to receive it within 3 – 4 weeks for USA and 1 – 2 weeks for UK. 

Easy Peasy, right?